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I decided to visit him as he wanted me to come over. I could visit him for only three days as i got leave for only 3 days. He took leave and the visit was planned during my safe days so that we could enjoy the fuck without fear of pregnancy as we did not want condoms to interfere in our love. I wanted him to ejaculate in me and he too wanted to ejaculate in my vagina. I reached the house around 130pm and he and she were there. Children were to come back at around 430pm. I could see the sparkle in his eyes and knew that he wanted me urgently. I too wanted him in me at the earliest. She went to get the lunch ready and make tea. The moment she left he came over to me and hugged me and i too hugged him. He started to kiss me passionately on my lips and cheeks and i did the same and soon i was hot and wanted him in me. I could feel his hardon. He quickly took off his pants and t-shirt and was fully naked � his penis was rock hard and like a flagpole � full 7inches long and around 2inches thick. I gripped his penis it was hot and throbbing and knew it will do wonders in my vagina. He then quickly took off my t-shirt and unhooked my jeans & they fell off and i was standing in front of him in bra and panty. He then unhooked my bra and took off my panty and we were fully naked. With me at 37 y and him at 46y we are till sexy and hot & make a lovely couple on bed and enjoy our fuck very much. He said �dear you look ravishing � you are mine and only mine. I want to fuckyou. I want to love you and pour all my love in you�.he was to fuck me after 7 long months and i was very eagerly waiting for his huge thick penis to enter my vagina. We went to the bed and he made me lie down on my back and mounted me, held my legs and thighs and spread them apart. I pulled him over me and we were locked in a very passionate naked sexual embrace. Our lips were locked in a very passionate kissing and we were sucking eachother�s saliva. We were extremely excited sexually and i said to him �darling please fuck me. I want your penis in my vagina. I love you very much & love getting fucked by you�. He slowly went down and suckled my breasts and then kissed my navel. I was extremely excited and requested him �my darling husband please fuck me, please love me – i just can�t wait�. He then held my thighs apart and started to suck my love juices � i was pouring by then and his tongue was probing in my vagina. He was breathing very rapidly and i knew that i am in for a very good fuck. He held my thighs apart and inserted his rock hard penis in my vagina � it was a very smooth passage as i was fully wet and he just slid in. I pulled him on me and we hugged each other passionately and our lips were locked in very passionate kisses.. His thrusts were very deep and strong and i could feel his penis deep inside me right upto my womb. We were enjoying the fuck very much. He kept on saying �dear you are very good. I love you very much.. You are sexier than your friend. Your vagina is more sexy juicy and tight and this gives me immense sexual pleasures. You are my dear my love my darling my wife�.. I kept on saying �please fuck me harder. Love me harder. Make me pregnant. You are my love my darling my husband.� My naked legs had encircled him and he was enjoying fucking me and i was enjoying getting fucked by him. We were breathing very fast. Our moans and groans spoke volumes of our sexual enjoyment. He was passionately kissing my lips and i was enjoying his toungue in my mouth as we were enjoying our sex when she walked in and saw him on top of me � he was holding me tightly and i was hugging him, my legs had encircled him and we were kissing our lips very passionately and our naked bodies were rubbing against each other. I was enjoying his hairy body rubbing my naked body and he was enjoying my smooth sexy body. 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Tea is ready.� And turning to him said �you must fuck her properly. Pour all your love in her vagina and fill her womb � all your ejaculations must be in her vagina. She must get sexual satisfaction from you � after all you are her husband and she is your wife�. She then went off to the kitchen to get the tea while he continued to fuck me. By this time i was too excited and he knew that i was �coming�. He started to fuck me harder and his thrusts became very deep and strong and i was really enjoying the fuck. Suddenly i �came� and i hugged him as close to me as i could and said �i love you my dear darling husband. Satisfy me. You are mine�.. I was kissing him frantically and scratched his back and he too was kissing me with great passion. I knew that he is about to �come� & ejaculate inside my vagina. He said �darling i am �coming�. I will ejaculate inside your vagina. You are great and i love you my dear.� His thrusts became very rapid and deep and strong and we were enjoying the fuck to the max. He shouted �my darling, my dear, my loving dear wife, i have come� and ejaculated inside me with a great force amd i could feel his �cum� deep inside my vagina � warm right up to my womb. I also �came� � we both reached our orgasm and climaxed together. As we climaxed together and having our orgasm, she walked in the room with the tea and biscuits and saw us reach our orgasm and climax simultaneously � we were kissing very passionately and saying to each other �i love you my dear. You are my darling, my wife/ my husband.� His ejaculation inside my vagina felt very good � it was warm and i felt out of the world. He became limp and withdrew and lay on his back. I got up and took his penis inside my mouth and licked all the remaining �cum� from his tip and he kept on groaning and moaning and saying �it feels good. Suck me. I love you my darling, my dear, my wife, my love�. I held his thighs and my mouth was making to-fro motion over his penis and he held my head and assisted that motion and my toungue was playing around his glans. His �cum� is very tasty though i prefer his �cum� inside my vagina. He was growing and was hard in no time and said �dear i want to fuck you again. I just can�t wait�. I too wanted him inside me and said �darling i am all yours. Please fuck me i just want your penis in my vagina i want you to fuck me.� She said �you two can love and fuck later. Please finish the tea � it is getting cold�. We literally gulpped the tea which was quite cold by now and soon we were ready for the fuck. We were holding each other and kissing passionately and we were very soon ready for the fuck.. She wanted to leave to get the lunch ready but he insisted on her staying there �you can see me fuck your dear friend – my loving & dear darling wife�. I too requested her �please stay and see how i get fucked by our husband – my dear darling loving husband�. She had no option but to watch him fuck me. He was rock hard and i was dripping wet. I lay on my back and he came over me and soon we were locked in a sexual embrace with our lips locked in very passionate kissing. His arms encircled me and my arms and my legs encircled him as
our naked bodies rubbed and we exchanged our sexual heat. We were kissing frantically and i said to him �dear please fuck me i want you in me�. He was very excited and could not wait � he held my thighs apart and slid his rock hard penis inside my vagina. It was a very smooth entry and soon we were enjoying the fuck. His thrusts were very rapid deep and strong and he made me �come� in no time. As i �came� i hugged him as near to me and as hard i could and kissed him frantically. She commented �you both are enjoying the fuck a lot. You never fuck with this passion when you fuck me�. He could not hold on any longer and soon shouted �dear wife i am coming� and i said �darling hubby please fuck harder and ejaculate in me� and we reached our orgasm and climaxed simultaneously as he ejaculated inside my vagina � it was superb fuck.. The fuck was superb. We held each other kissed as we enjoyed our orgasm and climax. 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You are great� and held my head steady as my toungue took all his love and �cum� and licked his penis dry � his ejaculate is very tasty and i like it a lot though i prefer him ejaculating in my vagina as that gives me immense sexual pleasures and excitement. She was standing throughout the �action� and asked me as soon as he finished ejaculating in my mouth �how did you enjoy getting fucked by him and him ejaculating inside your mouth and vagina after such a long time? How did you feel when giving the blowjob?� I replied �he is superb.. I love him very much. He is your husband and my darling & dear hubby too. He satisfies me very much. I love getting fucked by him�. He said �your friend is too good and sexy. Your friend is very satisfying. You are my wife and your friend is my darling my dear my sweetheart and my wife too. I will fuck only her next two days. I love her and she is mine, she is my darling, my wife�. We quickly dressed for lunch. She commented after our fuck �it was good to see you fuck � i was seeing a live xxx movie after a long time – with my hubby as the hero and my friend as the heroine � and i enjoyed the �action� a lot.� We finished the lunch by 3pm. I was far from satisfied and so was he.. We came on the bed and undressed each other as she looked on. As such we had scantily dressed up for lunch. She too undressed and we three were fully nude and on the bed. She said to him �you donot fuck me the way you fuck my friend� to which he replied �you are not as satisfying as your friend. She is very sexy. You just look at her �what a sexy smooth figures she has, her vagina is just too good and is very hot juicy sexy & tight. Her breasts are very succulent � in short your friend is too good for a fuck and she satisfies me sexually very much.� She had no option but to watch him fuck me and how he satisfies me and how i satisfy him sexually. He was hard as a rock and wanted me in the doggie position to which i agreed as the penetration of his penis in my vagina was the deepest and best in this position. I bent forward and came on my knees and he held me by my waist and his hard rock penis touched me which was like an electric shock. He insisted that she should guide his penis inside my vagina. She held his penis as he held me by my waist and guided his penis inside my vagina and he started fucking me – his thrusts were very strong and deep and i was enjoying the fuck and so was he. I commented to her �you are so good and nice and have great concern for your hubby and friend � you hold your husband�s penis and guide it inside your�s friend�s vagina so that they can fuck and enjoy�. In the doggie position the penetration is the deepest and we were enjoying the fuck a lot. He kept on saying �you are very good very sexy… What a nice juicy tight sexy silky vagina you have! I love you very much my dear.� I was groaning and moaning in ecstacy and said �fuck me harder my husband. I love you�. She was by this time below me � we were in the 69 position while he was fucking me in the doggie position – and i was holding her thighs apart and my tongue was playing with her vagina and my mouth was sucking her love juices as i was giving her cunnilungus. I was getting fucked and he was fucking me while she kept looking at his penis fucking my vagina � his rock hard penis was making tofro motion in my vagina and my vagina was gripping his penis tightly while she was sucking all the love juices that was dripping from �our fuck�. He made me �come� and i shouted out �aaah you feel damn good. Fuck me harder� & grabbed her thighs and started to suck her vagina vigoursly which she enjoyed very much. She was sucking & licking around my vagina while i was being fucked � it was a novel exrerience for us though we had done this earlier also [you too have fucked her in this way with me sucking your love juices while you were fucking her]. By now he was too much sexually aroused and could not hold on any longer and he was fucking me really hard and fast and his stroked and thrusts were very deep and with great sexual passion.. I was also sexually aroused to the zenith and finally we reached our orgasm and had our climax as he ejaculated in me with a great force and shouted �my dear darling wife, here i come. I love you very much. You are my dear loving wife� � i could feel his ejaculate reach up to my womb and he grabbed me tightly and said �you were great. It is my best fuck till date�. As he withdrew she took his penis in her mouth and licked it of all the remaining �cum� and sucked his penis. 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